It Might be Lyme Disease

It Might be Lyme Disease – Why we need to push for answers

It might be Lyme Disease, when you have a mysterious disease that baffles your doctor.  It might be Lyme Disease when the specialists keep scratching their heads and sending you to another specialist.  It might be Lyme Disease when every blood test for anything anyone can think of comes back negative.  It might be Lyme Disease

It’s simply unacceptable, in this modern world, to settle for a total lack of diagnosis.  Being called a hypochondriac should almost be made a hate crime.  When someone goes to a doctor, something is wrong! Continue reading

Lyme Files Update

Lyme Files Update – what has been going on?

The Lyme Files was originally set up as a blog to keep those interested updated with my own battle with chronic Lyme Disease.  My idea arose when I realized how helpful it is to read about what others are doing.  More than that, I found it very comforting as I read other stories to know I’m not alone.

Lyme Files Update

Dave Cottrell in 2017

What has happened since 2013 in my life?

First of all, I now have seven beautiful grandchildren!  At one point in time, when the medical profession had no idea what was wrong with me, I wondered if I would even see my first two grandchildren again.  The specialist I had been sent to told me, in front of my dear wife, that they thought I had small cell carcinoma – aka lung cancer.  In other words, they were suggesting I was under a death sentence, lung cancer is almost always fatal.

In time, of course, all cancer tests came back negative.  From there, it went from one narrow guess to another.  I say “narrow,” because not one doctor out of the plethora of doctors and specialists I visited would consider all my symptoms.  Every one of them would only consider one or two symptoms. Continue reading