It Might be Lyme Disease

It Might be Lyme Disease – Why we need to push for answers

It might be Lyme Disease, when you have a mysterious disease that baffles your doctor.  It might be Lyme Disease when the specialists keep scratching their heads and sending you to another specialist.  It might be Lyme Disease when every blood test for anything anyone can think of comes back negative.  It might be Lyme Disease

It’s simply unacceptable, in this modern world, to settle for a total lack of diagnosis.  Being called a hypochondriac should almost be made a hate crime.  When someone goes to a doctor, something is wrong!

Let’s even play “devil’s advocate” for a second… What if the problem IS in my head?  It’s still a problem, isn’t it?  It’s still ruining my life, isn’t it?  It’s still incapacitating me, whether it’s physical or mental, isn’t it?  Don’t write me off as someone who simply has an imaginary friend, when this is the worst enemy I’ve ever faced!

It might by Lyme Disease, if your doctor diagnoses you with Fibromyalgia or ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) or CFS or Polymyalgia rheumatica, all scientific-sounding terms that basically mean, “We know you’re sick with something, but we have no idea what it is.”  In fact, many doctors, including specialists, will now tell you that there is evidence that all of these conditions are caused by an organism or pathogen of some kind.  In other words, they are not genetic, they are not “all in your mind,” and they are definitely a real disease of some kind that might be treatable if they could just narrow it down to what it is.

It might be Lyme Disease.

Chronic Lyme Disease is now linked via good science in careful laboratory studies to Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia and others. As one very fine doctor and researcher told me, Lyme Disease is not always the culprit in these diseases, but it is far too often the culprit to ignore.  Unfortunately, in many of these studies, the link has been found in autopsy.  That is too late!

The sad fact is, if you have been diagnosed with any of these diseases apart from Lyme Disease, you will get treatment to “manage” your disease until you die.  The even sadder fact is, if Lyme Disease is the culprit, it can be treated with antibiotics.  A recent case in point that has stunned the music world is Kris Kristofferson, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As it progressed, he announced the diagnosis to the world, along with a tearful farewell concert with his daughter by his side, reading his own songs from giant cue cards on the stage.

However, his wife discovered that it might be Lyme Disease, and took him to a Lyme Literate doctor who, indeed, correctly diagnosed him and began treatment with antibiotics.  Mr. Kristofferson’s memory returned, almost 100%, even though he was a stately 80 years of age.  Today, at 81, he is back writing and performing again, although certainly showing signs of age.  He is not free of Lyme Disease (can any of us who have had it go undiagnosed for too long ever be free of it?).  But his dementia/Alzheimer’s is gone, along with all the prescriptions for that.

It might be Lyme Disease.  If that’s what it is, it can be cured completely if it is diagnosed and treated early enough.  If it is not diagnosed and treated early enough, a correct diagnosis followed by treatment is still light years better than the alternative.  Even though a full cure for long term or chronic Lyme Disease may still be years away, proper treatment of the disease can give those of us with it our lives back, even if not like they once were.

Good doctors, such as Dr. Alan MacDonald, Dr. Pat McGeer and Dr. Eva Sapi are working hard to find out all they can about this disease, but they need help.  Share articles like this wherever you can.  Don’t write yourself off from a potentially treatable disease.  Support these aging doctors in their quest to pass the baton to young medical students who will take up the search as they choose the path for their own careers.

It might be Lyme Disease.  A correct diagnosis is the first step on the path to a better life.  Never, never, ever give up!

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