Real Pandemic?

Lyme Disease, the REAL Pandemic of the 21st Century?

The real pandemic of the 21st century has a name:  Lyme Disease.

I had just finished watching the documentary, Under Our Skin, on the Knowledge Network website.  As a diagnosed Lyme sufferer, diagnosed by a retired doctor who is one of the most respected and highly sought out speakers on Lyme Disease in the world, yet still refused the treatment that could cure me, this film did not offer much hope.  It only served to underscore the huge problem this disease is for those unlucky enough to have it anywhere in the developed world.One of the things that really stood out in the film (which made the Oscar short list for documentaries), was the very thing that I have found time and time again.  Despite an overwhelming mountain of scientific and anecdotal evidence for long term, TREATABLE AND CURABLE Lyme Disease, those who control the system still obstinately deny the facts.real pandemic

The province of British Columbia recently had to release a report, finished in May of 2010, that proves that this problem is WELL known of by those who run the medical community, yet doctors still know practically nothing about it, and those that do continue to deny that it is a real problem.  Perhaps if enough people read the report, presently available for download on the Canlyme website , watch this documentary, and write to MPs, MLAs, and in the USA, state governors, congressmen and senators, perhaps we will get some action.  Never mind me… I’ve already lived at least half my life, but what about all the KIDS that are infected and dying?  This is a crime that rivals the holocaust, yet it is happening right under everyone’s nose.

2017 update

The real pandemic of the 21st century continues to be Lyme disease, at least in the western world.  100% of Canadian doctors who once treated long term or chronic Lyme Disease have now been shut down.

Instead of the problem getting better, it has gotten worse, especially in Canada.  There is an incredible story being shoved down the fearful throats of Canadian doctors that ticks carrying Lyme Disease do not cross the border.  Any doctors who disagree now know to keep their mouths shut and deny the problem or lose their license.

This is still common in many US states, and also in Australia, New Zealand and much of Europe.  Yet the overwhelming bulk of evidence shows that Lyme Disease can be spread anywhere that birds fly.  It has been carried continent to continent via infected hosts, and now more and more variations of Borrelia are being found where they have not been found in the past.

Open Eye Pictures have produced the sequel to their award-winning film, Under Our Skin, called Under Our Skin II:  Emergence.  Sadly, while we have science on our side, we still have a long way to go to get the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) on side.  These two organizations, who work together in full agreement, set the standards for all diagnosis, treatment and medical insurance in the western hemisphere and indeed, most of the western world.


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